Tecumseh Youth Career Fair Sees Attendance Double

Hundreds of local high school students walked through the doors of a Tecumseh career fair to figure out their future career path.

20 vendors took part from the OPP, the Canadian Border Services Agency, the University of Windsor, a lawyer, an optometrist and financial planning.

Tecumseh's Manager Committee and Community Services, Christina Hebert  says about 350 students took part in the event, about double compared to last year.

She says it's about educating the students about the future.

"If they have already started thinking about what career, hopefully possibly a vendor was here that they could maybe engage in some dialogue and ask some questions about or go up to different vendors and ask them questions that maybe they would start to turn their mind to," she says.

Hebert says it's about expanding their horizon.

"Sometimes you know we think of just certain career paths and hopefully if anything this today is opening their eyes to the diversity that they can look at," she says.

The event took place at L'Essor High School in Tecumseh on Wednesday, November 7.

It was organized by the Tecumseh Youth Advisory Committee.