Temporary Move Doesn't Hurt Attendance at Strawberry Festival

A temporary move for LaSalle's Strawberry Festival didn't scare away visitors over the weekend.

That's according to Councillor Sue Desjarlais who estimates between 17,000 and 20,000 people attended the fest.

Flooding at Gil Maure Park caused the town to move the event to the Vollmer Complex, the first time the festival hasn't been held at the town's riverfront park.

Desjarlais also sits on the festival's board of directors.

She tells AM800 News town officials were a little bit nervous about how the temporary move would be received.

"Once I started to see how things were being put together, I thought you know what? We might be able to do this okay and we did. That's a wonderful feeling with a big sigh of relief," she says.

Desjarlais says some residents suggested a permenant move to the Vollmer Complex over the weekend.

She says it's nice to see the recreation centre will work as a festival location, but a permanent move would need public backing.

"We'll go with the majority and see what their thoughts are about what we're going to and what's going to work best for the community," she says. "This was a trial and we did really well with it."

With several events eating up what would have been an ideal parking situation; Desjarlais says Transit Windsor came through to make sure parking wasn't an issue.

"What a great community partner Transit Windsor was, they put on extra buses from Thursday, they ran special shuttles Friday night for the fireworks and everything was free to ride the bus this weekend," she says.

The event averages usually averages around 20,000 visitors each year.