Tentative Deal In Place For Workers At Etna Foods In Leamington

A strike has been avoided at Etna Foods in Leamington.

Unifor Local 444 President James Stewart says a tentative agreement was reached late Wednesday afternoon with the local fishery.

He says the workers could have walked off the job this weekend.

"We extended their agreement from last year," says Stewart.  "We had been bargaining.  We had a strike authorization meeting just about a week ago and the members there gave us 100 percent support.  So we were in strike position as of this weekend and we had been bargaining on and off over the course of several months."     


Photo courtesy of Unifor Local 444's Facebook page

Stewart says the union represents 15 workers at the plant.

"If there's a lot of fish coming out of the lake then obviously the numbers grow," says Stewart.  "If it's a low season then the numbers drop and right now it's the off season so it's about 15 members."  

Details of the agreement have not been released.

Stewart expects the ratification meeting to take place later this week.

Etna Foods is owned and operated by All Temp Foods Limited.

This is Unifor Local 444's sixth tentative deal since Saturday afternoon.