The Bachelor Arrives on Belle Isle

One of the fan favorite events during Grand Prix weekend on Belle Isle is the truck races.

Star driver Arie Leyendyk Junior also has a TV personality as a contestant on "The Bachelor."

He's also the son of an iconic race car driver of the same name.

He races in the SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Truck Series.

Arie Leyendyk Junior says that's why he ended up behind the wheel.

"A lot of kids will play soccer or hockey or baseball, depanding on where you live," he says.  "But if you're the son of a racer you get a go cart when you're nine or 10 years old.  That became my passion.  So growing up at the racetrack, that was always something that I wanted to aspire t."

Leyendyk says the truck races are wild.

"This is definitely a fan favorite.  Our races are really short.  We're racing these 3000-pound trucks on the same track as IndyCar.  But then you add in these big metal ramps.  We fly as far as a football field and as high as 25 feet and it's spectacular," says Leyendyk.

He says truck racing is a lot more physical than other forms of motorsport.

"The cool part is, the fastest guy from practice starts in the back and he only has 10 laps tp get to the front," says Leyendyk.  "And we don't have many rules as far as contact, so there's usually a lot of rubbing to get to the front and it becomes really entertaining for the fans."

Leyendyk says he does feel more comfortable on the track than he is in front of the camera.

Practice and qualifying took place on Friday with the first race Saturday morning at 10:00.

There are more truck races on Sunday.

---with files from AM800's Steve Bell