The Battle Through Winter En Route To A Pleasant Spring

According to Environment Canada, the remainder of Winter in Windsor-Essex should be a little more "classic."

Meteorologist David Phillips says in January, we had 16 freezing days and 15 melting days with the same amount of snow as we did rain.

"It's what I call 'toilet seat weather,' it was up and down, back and forth all over he place and what was so remarkable were the extreme temperatures," says Phillips. "At one time it rocketed up to almost 12 degrees and other moments it was down to -23."

He adds, the closer we get to the end of February and into March, it won't be as intensely cold, and the good news is, the days are getting longer.

"Every days is three minutes longer than the previous day and the sun is also a little higher in the sky, so the sun in February will feel warmer than it does in December and January, so we're not going to go from slush to sweat," says Phillips.

Phillips is predicting a warmer than normal spring.

"Hey, just suck it up, bear it out - it's going to change but we just have to be a little bit more patient," says Phillips.

Phillips says April, May and June so far, look on the warm side.