The Catholic School Board's Court Injunction Application Dismissed

A Windsor judge has dismissed an application for a court injunction to prevent striking support staff at the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board from delaying teachers from getting to school.

It means the delays will continue.

Justice Bruce Thomas dismissed the application based on a technicality and invited the school board to re-apply properly.

Justice Thomas noted that "it is important to get relief in a timely manner but it needs to be lawful."

Catholic Board lawyer Brian Nolan says he will wait to get direction from the catholic board before proceeding.

"This is only a little bump on the road, certainly we can reconstitute the action," says Nolan outside the Superior Court House.

Unifor local 2458 President Bruce Dickie says the effort on this application should have been directed elsewhere.

"We are disappointed that they didn't come to the bargaining table and spend the energy and resources that they spent in court and costs at the bargaining table where it should be," says Dickie.

Justice Thomas pointed out that there is no evidence that any of the individuals named by the Catholic Board in its application were involved in obstructing teachers.

The 370 support staff went on strike October 17th delaying teachers from getting to class. In some cases ,until the noon hour.