Essex Conservative Candidate Injured After Fall at Family Farm

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Chris Lewis, the Conservative candidate in Essex is on the mend.

His campaign manager Richard Tapping says Lewis fall at his family farm on Tuesday and was rushed to Erie Shores Healthcare in Leamington.

"He was retrieving some things in the barn and he had a fall from a height and he landed on a trailer which created a chest injury on him," says Tapping.  "At which time he was taken to Leamington hospital for observation and sustained some injuries from the fall."

Tapping says Lewis sustained two broken ribs along with a serious puncture wound that required 22 stitches.

He says Lewis is doing fairly well and is in good spirits.

"The doctor told him to be off for a certain amount of time, well that's not good enough for Chris," says Tapping.  "He wants to get out, get back on the street as soon as he can, knocking on doors is what he likes doing and he's eager to get back up and running again for that but he's going to take a few days to rest. So we'll see how he does in the next little while and see how he recovers."

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Statement from the Essex Conservative Association

Tapping says Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has been in contact with Lewis.

"When the news broke, I contacted the party and then I got notification about 20-minutes later that our leader Andrew Scheer wanted to reach out to Chris to see how he was doing and talk to him directly," says Tapping.  'So that was very nice of the party and leader to do that."

Lewis has since been discharged from hospital and is now at home recovering.       

Tapping says Lewis' team will continue to campaign.

Lewis is up against NDP incumbent Tracey Ramsey, the Liberals Audrey Festeryga and Bill Capes is the candidate for the People's Party of Canada.

The federal election is October 21st.