The Last 'Run For Rocky'

An annual event in Windsor-Essex has taken place for the last time.

As many as 500 people turned out Sunday for the last 'Run for Rocky,' which was started five years ago after the death of Rocky Campana.

Since then, the run has raised both awareness and money to help set up Gay-Straight Alliances across the county.

Event organizer and Rocky's mother, Nancy Campana is grateful for the community's support. "You know our community has been open to learning more about the co-workers sitting next to them when they come out and say they are gay, and caring more and that diversity in our community, and caring for diversity in our community has just made Windsor a better place to live."

"I'm proud of what the run has been able to do for the community," says Campana. "The community has embraced 'Run For Rocky' from day one. I think we gave a voice to youth but specifically to parents who were saying I need this support, my children need this support in school. We have been able to provide that and it has empowered a lot of people and it has changed our community."

In a final tribute, April 9th has been proclaimed 'Run for Rocky Campana Day' by the City of Windsor.

To date, the event has raised nearly $280,000.

The amount raised during this yesterday's run will be announced later this week.