The Newest Spitfire Grew-Up Watching The Team

One of Windsor's newest players grew up watching the Spitfires.

16-year-old Grayson Ladd hails from Kent Bridge just outside Chatham.

He was picked up from Kitchener in the trade that sent forward Logan Brown and defenceman Austin McEneny to the Rangers.


Grayson Ladd. Courtesy of Aaron Bell/OHL Images

Ladd says he's very familiar with the Spitfires. "Growing up watching these guys play, it's very fun to watch and I know it's a great organization."

Ladd, a 2017 first round pick by the Rangers is one of the new cornerstones for the Spitfires rebuilding effort. "I think it's very special to be part of it, that's for sure." says Ladd " I know they've got some great talent here already and I think hopefully I can add to that talent and we can win a championship in a couple of years, good guys here it's a great team"

Ladd says his family is excited he's a little closer to home because they can watch him play more. "I know my grandpa is already excited, so he's used to watching a lot of my games, so it's kind of tough when I was up in Kitchener. I think it'll be nice for him in Windsor"

Ladd will be in the line-up Thursday when Windsor hosts Sarnia. AM800 has the broadcast starting at 6:30pm.