The People's Party of Canada Selects Candidate for Windsor West


The new People's Party of Canada has picked its candidate for Windsor West for the upcoming federal election.

Darryl Burrell has been selected to represent the party in the riding. 

He feels everyone in the country needs to be treated equally.

"It comes back to the principles of the party, personal responsibility and just taking care of yourself, just making things better across the whole country for everybody, not just the big guy, coming down to the little guy right," says Burrell.  "The taxpayer actually has to matter."

He says there is a huge difference between his party and the others.

"The Conservative party and every other one of those parties is corrupt to the core," says Burrell.  "They've been lying to us for many many years now.  This party itself is brand new and it was started because of that, because of the corruption across our government."

But he feels running for the seat will be tough since he's an outsider.

Burell works as a CNC operator in Lakeshore but lives in Harrow.

"Originally I put my name forward for Essex and then there was two candidates there, there ended up not being one for Windsor West. so I was asked to put my name forward there," says Burrell.  "So I think that's going to be the biggest challenge, trying to convince people there that I want to represent them." 

The newly formed People's Party of Canada was started late last year by former Conservative cabinet minister Maxime Bernier.

Burrell is up against incumbent New Democrat MP Brian Masse and Conservative candidate Henry Lau.

The Liberals have yet to select a candidate.

The election is set for October 21.