There's An App For That

Windsor residents will soon be able to pay for parking through an app.

It would apply for both metered street parking and city-run surface lots beginning December 18th.

People just have to log onto the website on their smart phone and download the app.

Windsor's Parking Compliance and Enforcement Supervisor Bill Kralovensky says the best part is that the app sends you a 15 minute reminder that your time is running out.

Kralovensky says this should help prevent some people from getting parking tickets because theres no need to run for change.

He says, in all, it's very convenient.

"The beauty of this is that it gives you a reminder, 15 minutes before your time is about to go," he says.  "So if you don't like seeing Big Bad Bill and his storm troopers coming to give you a ticket, this is the way to go."

The new app doesn't completely replace coins.

"We didn't take that away because I'm personally the same thing, I don't like my credit card information floating anywhere except in my wallet in my back pocket so we also offer the old fashion way of coins."

Kralovensky points out there is a $0.15 transaction charge.

Once the app is downloaded, it can be used in other cities that also use the same app.