Thin Ice Warning In Lakeshore

The Belle River is closed near the opening to Lake St. Clair due to construction of the Jetty.

There is no ice skating, snowmobiles or ATV’s allowed.

With the extended cold weather, the water freezes shortly after the contractor completes construction for the day.

Signs have been posted as well as a barrier across the river to prevent access.

The river by the pedestrian bridge is also unsafe due to the pumping station.

The Town of Lakeshore is repairing, replacing and extending the steel sheet pile jetty (break wall) that separates the Lakeview Park West Beach from the Belle River.

The Jetty will be 150m with the first 25m repairing the existing breakwall and 125m extended into the lake to provide a barrier for swimmers.

Lakeshore Council has decided the jetty will be walkable to provide recreational opportunities.