Three Designs For Kings Landing Site Presented To Residents

The future of the former Kings Landing site in Kingsville is becoming a little more clear.

A 6,000 sq/ft multi-purpose space will be the finished product, but the facade is still up in the air. Kingsville bought the Kings Landing property in 2013 for $575,000.

An open house to gather public input garnered some positive results as three possible designs were presented at a special meeting of council Thursday.

Shane Mitchell of Glos Associates says all three options will cost roughly the same amount, but each will be unique to Kingsville and its heritage.

A Grovedale theme concept will involve a two story structure with a wrap around balcony, a Mettawas Hotel themed design will remind the town of the grand hotel of the past, and the third will be an amalgamation of the Lakeside Park pavilion architecture.

Mitchell says no matter what the public chooses, the end result will be a reflection of the community.

"All three of them with historic ties to the community," says Mitchell. "One of the options was reminiscent of the old Mettawa Hotel, one of the Grovedale Manor Home, another one is reminiscent of the parks pavilion and architecture found throughout the community."

Even though many who attend the open house seemed to favour two of the three proposals, Mitchell says they can't be sure until all the results come in.

"The response has been positive. There's designs that seem to be favoured by the majority of people but we've yet to read all the comment cards. We'll see which way the public directs us."

The building will cost nearly $1-million, with $181,000 coming from a grant that needs to be used by the end of next summer. It's expected plans will be finalized by the end of September and the project should be completed in plenty of time.