Three Local Women Recognized for Helping Choking Man


Three women have been recognized for stepping in quickly to help someone who was choking.

Terry McLachlan and Michele Finnigan, both of Windsor, and Crystal Lynn Scade of Chatham-Kent jumped in back on May 15th at 7pm at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 12 on Brant St. after a 76 year old man was found to be choking.

All three women have CPR training and began doing chest compressions and sweeping his mouth, potentially saving his life.

McLachlan says the situation was beyond doing the Heimlich maneuver.

"At that point, Don was grey, he was down. We just started CPR, Crystal started doing the compressions and I was doing the sweeping."

They received citizen citations from Windsor Fire and Rescue Services

Chief Stephen Laforet says these women went above and beyond.

"All too often we hear stories about people not wanting to get involved or looking the other way, this was not the case on May 15th and incidents like this, like the one described today, they underscore the value in people knowing how to administer first aid and CPR."

Finnigan says she's glad it was a happy ending.

"Not heroes, no — we are just every day people just helping out our fellow human being," she says. "If it was a person or dog, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter the situation."