Tickets Can Now Be Issued At Essex Electric Charging Stations

Squatters beware.

Essex town council has given police and bylaw officers the power to ticket at the town's electric vehicle charging stations.

Director of community services Doug Sweet says council wasn't sure how much the stations were being used until now.

"We had our grand opening about three weeks ago for our electric vehicle charging stations here at the Essex arena," says Sweet. "We weren't sure of the popularity. Regular vehicles were parking in those spots so people from around the county to avoid that range anxiety were coming in and they couldn't get access to the station."

There was nothing on the books allowing police to do anything to help keep the stations clear, according to Sweet.  He told AM800 News the new bylaw effectively makes the charging areas no parking zones for those not using them for their intended purpose.

"Until then the police weren't allowed to enforce it," he says. "Now it will allow them to enforce and ticket anybody parking there."

Sweet says he's not certain of the fines being applied for violations but assumes it would be in line with a typical parking violation.