Tilbury Man Rakes In $26-Million Lotto Max Payday

A 50-year-old Tilbury man's ship has come in.

Michael Montminy won $26-million playing Lotto Max and was in Toronto to collect Friday afternoon.

He told AM800 News he's looking forward to the freedom this kind of money can buy.

"The freedom attached with the money, it's just an amazing feeling. The first thing I want to do is throw away my alarm clock," he says.

Montminy and his wife Trish both retired 15 minutes after verifying their winning tickets.

But not before they double, and triple checked they'd won.

"To be honest I thought I won on a ticket once and found out when my wife checked it I didn't. So I kind of lost some credibility along the way with checking lottery tickets," says Montminy. "There was some uncertainty, but if she tells you the story, she says the look in my eye and the sound of my voice made her feel that this time I did win."

After deciding on who will help plan their financial future, the pair plan to give back to their home town by establishing charities that will be run by their son and daughter.

He says assuring local food banks won't have to struggle any time soon, is high on that list.

"We've reached out to our food banks. Just to understand the state that they're in and exactly how they received contributions and what roll can we play to ensure that their food bank never goes without food ever again," says Montminy.

The Montminy's plan on sharing some of their new found freedom with friends and family, but not until things settle down after the big win.

"At the end of the month we're going on a vacation with some friends and family. I'm guessing when the dust settles and all the celebrating's over in it's entirety that we'll just kind of hang out with our kids and breath again."

Montminy says the family has no plans to leave small town life.

He says construction of new home is already being planned for the Tilbury area.