Time Spent In Emergency Departments Rising Across Canada

Patients are spending more time in Canadian emergency departments before they ever see a doctor.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information has taken a look at all emergency rooms in Canada, they've found the time patients spend in emergency rooms waiting to be admitted is on the rise across the country.

That includes Windsor Regional Hospital, which sits on par with the national average.

Director of Health System Performance Kira Leeb says the first time you see a physician is a trouble area in the city.

"So we call that the 'physician initial assessment' and what we see is that in Windsor it takes about 4.8 hours," explains Leeb. "So that higher than the area region, but it's also higher than Ontario. So that's a place we're trying to get those people seen by a physician quickly."

The hospital death ratio is slightly higher in Windsor.

"If we look at the Windsor hospital, the rest of the country is about at a 94 measure and Windsor is showing at 101," says Leeb. "Which just means that out of all the people that go to hospital that are included in this measure, we're seeing a few more deaths than we would potentially expect to see."

She says, for the most part, the elderly are affected the most.

"It's not everybody, which is the good news in some ways, but the bad news is it's people who were probably a little bit more vulnerable," says Leeb. "The patients where we're seeing the longest waits for being admitted are actually elderly patients. We are also seeing admissions increasing if you come in late in the day."

The study found almost all emergency room visits take up to 32 hours to complete, that's up more than three hours from the year before.

For a full rundown of how each hospital scored head to CIHI.ca.