Timetable Set for Tecumseh's 2020 Budget


Tecumseh has set a timetable for its 2020 budget and is asking for input from its residents.

The town is set to receive suggestions via its website and social media to create a draft budget from September 12 to September 30. 

Council plans to have that draft ready for by November 12 so they can begin deliberations on November 19.

Ward 1 Councillor Andrew Dowie is encouraging residents to get involved online and sit in on deliberations when they kick-off this fall.

"It's important for town council to receive feedback as to what residents' expectations are. What do they wish for us to pursue and what should potentially go by the wayside," he says.

Dowie says provincial cuts to eliminate an $11.7-billion deficit will make juggling the budget a bigger challenge than usual.

"We certainly know there will be some impacts right now. For example, the health units and different cost sharing mechanisms," says Dowie. "Those have to be accounted for in some way, so I expect that will influence our budget this year."

He anticipates a continued focus on infrastructure and flood mitigation.

"It will be a matter of what's our road map to getting there, what's affordable and how much time can we spend to get to our destination in terms of additional works for flood mitigation," he added.

Final approval for the town's 2020 budget is anticipated by December 10.