Tough Times For Downtown Windsor Business

A change of tune for a downtown Windsor business owner.

Ayad Saddy is co-owner of BB Branded on Ouellette Avenue between Park & University Ave. W. and says he has always talked highly about being a business in the downtown core but is noticing a change this year that is impacting his business.

He tells AM800 news that downtown streets are empty and there is no foot traffic.

Saddy believes parking, weather (from earlier this year) and the casino strike have all played a role.

He says there is no retail variety for customers. 

"There isn't enough supporting retail and different types of retail downtown to where people will come downtown and support the downtown to be able to spend like time there, hours there," says Saddy.  "I feel like we're not seeing that anymore."    


Photo courtesy of Google Maps

Saddy adds he wants to stay in the downtown core.

"We've always been supportive of downtown and we want to see more people come down there but I've said this to my guys that work for us there, our employees downtown, if things keep going this way we may not have a shop down there," says Saddy.

Saddy says he used to be open from 10am until 9pm but recently changed the hours to 10am until 5pm.

He says he has already moved some staff to his Devonshire Mall location.       

BB Branded has been downtown for about 15 years.