Town Hall 'Mourns' Education Cuts by Ontario PCs

Black was the colour of choice for most of the crowd at the Town Hall for Public Education Friday night.

More than 70 people made their way to Fogolar Furlan to share opinions on changes to education and health-care handed down by the province. The focus being put on the effects of larger class sizes, a shift towards e-learning, and the slashing support services by the Doug Ford led Ontario PCs.

Adelina Cecchin tells AM800 News people chose to wear black to mourn the PCs taking office last June — the government then proceeded to cut education and health care in the name of a balanced budget.

"Those are two of our most important pillars, I believe, within our society and yet that's what's being attacked," says the president of the Greater-Essex branch of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario.

She expects it to be a long summer of protests and town halls.

"Especially if the cuts continue, the mobilization is not only going to continue but I think it's going to intensify," says Cecchin. "What we need to do is raise our voices and start to say, what is the Ontario that we want moving forward and we hope to be able to claim some of that power."

Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario President Sam Hammond spoke on a panel that included parents, educators and other community stakeholders.