Town Hall Proposes Four New Hires In Essex

Budget deliberations continue in Essex where administration is recommending that four new people be hired.

Among them is a new Deputy Clerk who Treasurer Donna Hunter says is badly needed. "From my perspective, deputy clerk is in my department, and I just know that's there's way too much work for the people we have hired, so it's always trying to get things done and not quite getting there."

Also on the list of recommended hires are a maintenance technician, an operator and assistant mechanic.

If approved, the hiring would take place this year.

Administration also has two further positions included in the budget with planned hire dates in 2018.

Council is hoping to keep any potential tax increase to around 2-percent but, in order to do that, $6-million in cuts need to be made.

There's no date yet for the next round of budget deliberations.