Town Providing Sandbags to Combat Flooding in Kingsville


Kingsville residents affected by shoreline flooding will be getting some help in the form of sandbags from the town.

Lake Erie and Cedar Creek have been making their way on to Heritage Rd., Cedar Rd., and Cedar Island Dr. for the past few weeks — the culprits — heavy rains and record high water levels being blown around by the wind.

Mayor Nelson Santos tells AM800 News resident came to the town with concerns and sandbags are being provided in response.

"Every day is a little bit different. It doesn't necessarily have to rain to create concern along the waterfront, certainly, the changing winds and which way they're blowing actually creates more of a concern for our residents there," he says.

Santos says bags will distribute on a first-come first-served basis, but the town will look at bringing in more if needed.

"We hope the residents communicate with us. If we start to find that we're short on them we'll keep monitoring and see what we can do to keep an eye on the water levels, which is the big concern," says Santos. "Once this first round does go through, we will definitely continue to monitor it and bring some more in."

Sandbags can be picked up at the Kingsville Arena at 1741 Jasperson Dr., beginning at 8:30am to 3:30pm Saturday, 8:30pm to 1pm Sunday, and 8:30pm to 4pm Monday.

Santos says sand is available at the North East corner of the Cedar Beach parking lot, to make it easier for residents to transport them once filled.

According to a release from the town, residents will have to fill the bags themselves and bags not provided by the town can be filled at the location as well.

Proof of residency is required.