Town Reimburses Voakes' Court Costs

Essex councillor Randy Voakes is being paid $12,600 by the town to cover court costs.

Voakes is being reimbursed from the town's legal fees fund after a judge dismissed a motion to remove the councillor from office.

"If you're looking for me I'm going to be on the high road," says Voakes. "I'm not going to hold any resentment to it, it's water under the bridge now."

As AM800 News reported last month, Essex Mayor Ron McDermott acting as a concerned citizen looked to have Voakes fired claiming a conflict of interest violation. Justice Thomas Carey decided Voakes didn't break any rules and told the pair of councillors a better option than the courts would have been the vice principal's office.

In having his court fees reimbursed by council, Voakes swears he'll look to do things differently at town hall.

"I'm going to work on changing my initiatives on deliverance on how I handle things," says Voakes. "I'm not saying that's at fault, but I don't want anything moving forward to take away from council."

Voakes stresses he isn't holding a grudge.

"I'm moving on. I'm not going to look at any resentment considerations," says Voakes. "Look it — I've got taxpayers that I've got to take care of their concerns, which I will and which I always have."

Council approved the reimbursement as the costs were incurred as part of Voakes' role as a councillor.

Mayor McDermott recused himself and did not take part in the vote.