Trailer Being Brought In To Alleviate Tecumseh Town Hall Capacity Issues

The Town of Tecumseh is spending $10,000 to house up to five staff in a trailer at town hall.

Mayor Gary McNamara says the building is bursting at the seams as town offices are at capacity.

"We're a growing community and with that, it takes the resources to be able to continue to deliver the level of services that we deliver to our residents in our community," he says.

A report pointing to a requirement to expand town hall in the 2017 budget was deferred by council to a future budget session.

A renovation of town hall in 2005 was expected to meet the need of growth at town offices for the following 15 years.

McNamara says the capacity issues at town hall can be blamed on Tecumseh's growth.

"Right now we have some directors that are not in the building itself and it creates a bit of problems, especially when we have meetings," he says.  "So, it's not a very efficient way to do business."

Council is expecting an accommodation report to outline the expansion needs at town hall that will be considered as part of 2019 budget deliberations.