Transit Expansion Plan Returns to Windsor Council

An express route to Leamington is up for final approval at Windsor City Council.

Recent transit funding will make three round trips a day between Windsor and Leamington a reality, but city council still has to sign off on the deal.

Transit Windsor has been working with Leamington to create an added option for people looking to get work or school for several months.

Executive Director Pat Delmore says the route will include stops in Kingsville and Essex.

"It's something that all municipalities really want, but it's an expensive endeavour to begin with," says Delmore. "It's great that for Leamington to have been able to tap into this funding source through the province and hopefully there will be other opportunities for other municipalities to try it out as well."

The goal is to connect all of Essex County through public transit, according to Delmore.

"It's a great opportunity for Transit Windsor and the city of Windsor to partner with Leamington and hopefully we can build a ridership route that is sustainable and builds and becomes something more other municipalities to look at," adds Delmore.

Delmore is confident the council will put the final stamp of approval on the deal.

"There's a lot of support for this. It's already gone through the Standing Committee and Transit Windsor Board of Directors," he says. "The two municipalities have worked extremely well together so far."

Fares will be higher for the service at $10 one way or $15 round trip, but riders will be permitted to transfer into Transit Windsor routes when they arrive at St. Clair College.

A monthly pass will cost $250 per month.

Delmore says, if approved, the plan is to have the new route launched July 8.