Transit to and from Leamington One Step Closer

Transit between Windsor and Leamington is one step closer to becoming a reality.

The City's Environment, Transportation & Public Safety Standing Committee has approved a recommendation to enter into a pilot project with the Municipality of Leamington to provide a route that also stops in Essex and Kingsville.

After hearing concerns from Coucillor Fred Francis, City Engineer Mark Winterton says there is no additional capital cost to the city because the bus being used is a spare.

"It doesn't take any service off of Windsor streets at all," says Winterton. Councillor Francis then asked "The fact that it's an older bus and it's going to require more maintenance, that's all factored in to the cost recovery model for the Town of Leamington?" to which Winterton responded, "Yes, it is."


(Image courtesy of the City of Windsor)

Ward 6 resident James Armstrong is concerned that the bus stops when it arrives in Windsor at St. Clair College.

"My thinking being — and I think the rest of the organization will agree with me — is have that bus stop at St. Clair College and then have it stop at the Devonshire Mall and then have it go straight all the way down to the river where it will terminate its journey," he says.

According to Winterton, transferability once riders arrive at the college is something administration is working on.

"Under one fare scenario they would pay to come in from Leamington but then have to pay an additional city fare at St Clair College to enter into the system. The other option is pay the one fare into or out of the city and it takes them all the way to Leamington."

 If city council approves the same recommendation, the 45 month pilot project is expected to start in July and run until March 2023.

Initially there will be a morning, mid-day and evening run from the county through the week and a morning and evening route on weekends.

It will cost $10 for a one-way ticket, $15 for two-way or a monthly pass would cost $250.