Transit Windsor Looking For 2018 Budget Increase

Transit Windsor is asking for a slight budget increase for 2018.

Executive Director Pat Delmore says Transit is asking for an additional $86,000, and says the additional funds would mean a budget increase of 0.66%.

Delmore says the increase is for salary and wage adjustments as well as the hiring of a full time janitor.

"Also considering that we're adding some service enhancements along the road that are being funded with the increase revenue in ridership that we've been seeing in 2017," he says "All around it's a very minimal increase for 2018 so it's pretty good."

A current challenge is that there is only one janitor.

"On weekends, we have very limited cleaning ability and many operators having lunch breaks, washroom breaks and there's a need for an additional janitor that would be covering weekends as well as other days throughout the week," explains Delmore.

He says transit is seeing larger increases in its revenue.

"Right now as of the end of September as the report indicates, we've seen about a five percent increase in our ridership, that means additional revenue." says Delmore. "So we're re-investing that money back into the service that we're providing without having to request more of the taxpayer."  

The city's transportation standing committee has approved Transit's request.

The proposed increase will now go to city budget deliberations on January 15, 2017 and January 16, 2017, for final approval.