Transit Windsor Reacts To Weekend City Bus Dispute

Transit Windsor Executive Director Pat Delmore says a two-way communication system with Windsor police helped to quickly resolve a weekend dispute on a city bus. 

"Our procedures went very well and things could've been worse," says Delmore. "We have very good contact with WPS and they were there very quickly to preventing anything that could've been worse."

It happened around 9pm Saturday at Seminole St. and Drouillard Rd. Transit Windsor says an intoxicated rider in his 50's became very vocal and unruly, and pulled out a knife. A passenger in his 20's intervened and there was a physical altercation.

Windsor police were called and the suspect was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Charges have been laid in the case.


(Photo courtesy of Cheryl Daniels Legault via Facebook)

Delmore says an incident like this is rare. 

"On Saturday evening, we did have a passenger who was intoxicated becoming vocal and verbal, he was asked to leave by the operator and at that time, things got physical between him and another passenger who was trying to assist our operator," says Delmore. "We woud prefer to see someone on the bus rather than driving a vehicle and using public transit as a means for someone who has had more than they need. But as long as they're acting accordingly and not causing a disturbance or issues there's no reason for us not to allow them on board."

Delmore says passengers can be banned from the transit system for such an incident, but they rarely ever are.