Transit Windsor Terminal Near Central Loses Power

Transit Windsor is in the dark today.

A transformer line at the transit facility near Central and EC Row blew yesterday afternoon, plunging the garage into the dark.

Transit Executive Director Pat Delmore says a temporary repair was made immediately.

"Enwin were great they were here in a short amount of time" says Delmore " because it is such a large line, it took us until about midnight, 11:30 pm until we had power restored here so we did have service throughout the night"

Transit Executive Director Pat Delmore says some staff have been farmed out to other city facilities to work.


Pat Delmore, executive director of Transit Windsor, attends the regular meeting of the Environment, Transportation and Public Safety Standing Committee on September 27, 2017. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

"We have scheduling that is done today for tomorrow's service based on the seeds of the service" explains Delmore "So we do need to get into our  computers, we do need to be able to access some of that online stuff we have in order to be prepared for the following day"

Transit Executive Director Pat Delmore says the service to passengers has not been impacted.

"Drivers are reporting to work here in the dark, and sending them out to our busses, we're not brining the busses back into our garage we're leaving them outside running" says Delmore "so they can access them without having to keep all of our garage doors open"

Delmore says they expect to have electrical service back in place for tomorrow.

He says some customer service functions like ticket sales and Greyhound parcel pickup and drop-off are suspended for the day.

Delmore says the outage has not impacted the downtown transit terminal which is operating normally.