Transit Windsor Upgrades Bus Stop Signs

Finding out when the next Transit Windsor bus is coming will soon be just a click away.

1200 new blue and white designated bus stop signs will be installed containing a Stop ID number, a phone number and a number to text.

Riders will be able to check the arrivals in real time before heading out to the bus stop.

Transit Windsor Executive Director Pat Delmore says this is an exciting leap forward.

"Right now our riders are looking at a printed schedule to determine when buses arrive. With this new technology they will be able to use a tablet, a cell phone or computer or call Transit Windsor for bus stop information," says Delmore.

Installation of the new signs will begin in the next couple of weeks.

"You can stay inside the building and send that text. If you are out in inclement weather and you know the bus is going to be there in 10 minutes then you know you got 5 more minutes to stay inside and not be outside in the rainy weather like we are experiencing today."

In addition to the new technology, buses will also provide automated stop announcements on board.

The cost of the upgrades is $2.7-million.

Delmore hopes the new technology will be fully implemented by early January.