Trial Begins For Windsor Driver Of Fatal Crash That Killed His Friend

The driver of a vehicle involved in a fatal crash in east Windsor that killed his friend is now on trial.

25-year-old Calvin Crosby pleaded not guilty to four counts including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death in the crash in April 2014.

20-year old Katie Robson of LaSalle was in Crosby's SUV when it crashed at Tranby and Lauzon.

Robson's parents were in court this morning, and her mother wiped tears from her eyes as the police sergeant described the scene and how Robson was found, conscious but gravely injured.

Crosby's trial is scheduled for two weeks.

A charter application has been launched questioning the blood samples taken from Crosby.

There were two vehicles involved in the crash and the driver of the other vehicle Kyle Colthurst is currently on trial stemming from crash in the crash.