Trial Begins in Fatal Amherstburg Crash That Killed A Skateboarder

An Amherstburg man has pleaded not guilty to criminal negligence causing death in a crash on a foggy morning that claimed the life of a father of four children.

The trial for 24-year-old Brandin Crosier began in a Windsor courtroom Tuesday.

On November 17, 2016, around 6:40am, Crosier was heading to work driving on County Rd. 18 when he passed an eastbound vehicle in the westbound lane.  He struck 30-year-old Adam Pouget who was skateboarding on his way to work at Tilbury Concrete.

During his opening statement, Asssistant Crown Walter Costa said Crosier was driving 112 km/hour in an 80 zone at the time.  Defence lawyer Pat Ducharme disputes that stating Crosier was going about 90km/hour.

Ducharme told the court there was some fog, but drivers were still able to see several car lengths ahead.

He also pointed out Pouget was wearing dark clothing when he was struck and killed.

Debora Purdy was the first crown witness to take the stand.

She was heading to work and pointed out it was very foggy. "Visibility was really, really low," she said.

She testified she noticed lights coming up from behind and was passing her.

She said the vehicle passing her then swerved which caused her to swerve. 

"I saw a shadow in the rearview mirror," she testified as if something was in the air.

Ken Furtado also took the stand and came upon the scene.   He said he saw someone who was identified as Crosier repeatedly saying "I hit somebody."

Composing himself, Furtado testified he then went 'looking for something', expecting a deer or coyote, but found Pouget laying on the ground.

"I called out to see if he would respond," he said but he didn't see any movement.

The trial is slated to resume on Friday and last five days.