Trudeau Comments Draw Quick Reaction

Reaction to comments by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is mounting quickly.

As heard on AM800 News Wednesday morning, the Prime Minister said he should have been aware of an "erosion of trust" between his office and the former minister of justice over the S-N-C-Lavalin controversy.

Shortly after, Bellmedia Political Analyst Mark Towhey spoke to the Morning Drive, and said Trudeau contradicted himself in his statement.

"He said I asked here if she would change her mind about her decision and she said no," said Twohey. "Well then he knew she'd made a decision and that they continued to pressure her after that"

Towhey added Trudeau and former Principal Secretary Gerald Butts have both given the opposition a lot of ammunition.

"When you start to pull them out are going to be very difficult for them to reconcile and that's exactly what the opposition is going to be doing between now and the election.  Every couple of days they'll pull out one of these nuggets and beat it to death."

Wilson-Raybould says she was improperly pressured to stop a criminal prosecution of S-N-C-Lavalin and was punished for her refusal to give in by being moved out of the justice portfolio to veterans affairs in an early January cabinet shuffle. She resigned from cabinet shortly after the controversy erupted.

Windsor West New Demorcrat MP Brian Masse also offered his thoughts on the Lynn Martin Show.

Masse said he didn't hear anything to deny the cabinet change for Jody Wilson-Raybold was punishment.


Windsor West MP Brian Masse lashes out over Ambassador Bridge permit (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"There's a lot of blaming about timing but the reality is he didn't like the response and the fact that she wouldn't further entertain the pressure that was done and it's all based on these connections back to Lavalin," said Masse.

Masse added the Prime Minister continues to push for SNC-Lavalin to be let off the hook.

"The Prime Minister is now going to spend public money to get expert opinion on whether Lavalin should avoid criminal charges for criminal activity and pay a fine, but we won't get an expert opinion as to her assessment as to whether anything was improper with the officials around him"

Masse said the NDP will continue to push for a public inquiry so all these questions can be answered.