Trudeau Preparing For 2019 Federal Election

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is gearing up for the 2019 federal election.

Trudeau was the guest speaker at a Liberal fundraising event in Windsor on Thursday.

He discussed investments, challenges and opportunities in his 12-minute address.

Trudeau also focused on next year's election and said he plans on coming to Windsor an awful lot within the next 12 month.

"There's still parts of the country where I think we need a better job of listening, of drawing together and involving you in the solutions and one of those areas definitely is the tip of southwestern Ontario particularly the Windsor region," says Trudeau.

He adds people respond to the way you engage them.

"We're going to face the same kinds of pressures we see around the world, politics of fear, politics of division, politics of populism, politics of excessive nationalism and we're going to have make a choice not just us Liberals but as Canadians as to what kind of politics do we want," says Trudeau.           

Trudeau will be in Windsor on Friday taking part in the ground breaking ceremony for the Gordie Howe Bridge.

He will also be touring the Windsor Assembly Plant.