Trustee Candidate Wants Incumbent To Withdraw From Municipal Election

A candidate running for public school board trustee for wards 5, 6, 7 and 8 has called out the incumbent.

Laurie Komon wants Gale Simko-Hatfield to withdraw from the upcoming municipal election.

She's accusing the veteran trustee of missing too many meetings, declaring too many conflict of interests and calling into meetings instead of being there in person over the last two terms.

Komon believes Simko-Hatfield is not doing her job because she can't vote on all the issues.

"In the past two terms, on numerous occasions, has been calling a conflict of interest," says Komon.  "So that means not voting on important issues that face the board."

She says Simko-Hatfield has missed a lot of meetings.

"I truly believe that she has got a very poor record with attendance but the thing that really gets me is her calling into meetings," says Komon.   

Simko-Hatfield says she doesn't have any concerns about her record.

"I don't have any concerns," says Simko-Hatfield.  "I think I have a very good attendance record over the past 25-years so I don't see why I'm being singled out over these two things."     

She says she's feeling attacked.

"It seems to me that this is a case of someone trying to create a controversy or a crisis where known exist," says Simko-Hatfield. "You know what? If it's an attack that has some merit that's one thing, but I'm defending myself against someone who's misinformed and who is singling me out."   

Cheryl Lovell, Henry Lau and Cathy Cooke are also running for public school board trustee in wards 5, 6, 7 and 8.

The municipal election is October 22.

— with files from AM800's Teresinha Medeiros