Turkey Saving Billboard Posted In Windsor

An $8-million dollar investment in Windsor creating about 50 jobs is one of the reasons there's a billboard on Huron Church Road.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has erected the sign that reads "I'm ME not meat."

It's their latest way to encourage people to make a choice other than meat or poultry for Thanksgiving.

PETA Spokesperson Trisha LebKuecher told AM800's The Morning Drive a recent plan to build a turkey processing plant is one reason they've chosen Windsor for their billboard.

She says holiday meals are an opportunity to rethink food options.

"Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and kindness and we urge people not to celebrate with the decomposing corpse of a tortured bird as a centrepiece.  Turkeys may be less familiar to us than cats and dogs, but they feel pain and can suffer just like the animals we share our homes with"

She says people don't know much about turkeys as animals.

"Turkeys are intelligent and complex individuals They're social playful birds who enjoy the company of others, but before they end up on the table fully conscious turkeys are slammed upside-down into shackles and dragged through an electrified stun bath before having their throats slit"

She says there's no shortage of alternatives to eating turkey at Thanksgiving.

"There are so many delicious vegan options available these days, with delicious thanksgiving roasts like Tofurkey, Garden Field roasts and dozens of other plant based main courses. We can all still enjoy the dishes we love but without the cruelty or cholesterol"

The billboard is on Huron Church Road between Kenora Street and Malden Road.