Two Daycare Centres To Close In Belle River

Parents, staff and the operators of a daycare in Belle River are shaking their heads.

'Sonshine Daycare' operates two centres, one at Belle River Public School and the other at St. John the Baptist elementary school.

Last week, the operators of the daycare were informed that one of the school boards would no longer renew the contract, which means both centres must close.

There are about 15 staff between both locations and the centres are now set to close at the end of June.

Chair of the Board of Directors at Sonshine Daycare Jacqueline Ingram would not say which school board made the decision.

She estimates between 80 and 100 children attend the centres from the infant program to the latch key program.

"In the contract, they don't have to tell us why they are not renewing, we just thought everything was going wonderful and then they did not renew the contract so we don't know if they have someone else in mind, we don't know what is going on," says Ingram.

Ingram says finding another location is not an option since the rent would be more expensive at other locations.

She says the operations have a lot of questions but no answers.

"I find it really hard that's all, I worked there for 20 years,we have someone who has been there for 31 years, somebody who has been there 27 years, it was part of the community which is the reason why we had it in the first place," she says.

Spokesperson at the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board Stephen Fields says the board is currently looking for another operator to fill the space.

Public School Board Superintendent Kathy Lynd says the board is confident that it will have a child care service available for Belle River Public School community starting in the summer.

Neither board would indicate which one decided not to renew the contract.