Two More Construction Zone Crashes Have OPP Urging Drivers To Slow Down

Provincial police are telling all drivers, once again, to pay attention and slow down in construction zones.

It comes after two crashes on Tuesday closed down a section of the 401 in Chatham-Kent.

In the first case, the driver of a transport truck lost control in a construction zone near Victoria Road and ended up in a ditch, an hour later, another tractor trailer rear-ended a car stopped in traffic as a result of the first crash.

According to the O.P.P., there have been 100 motor vehicle collisions in the Chatham-Kent patrol region so far this year, with nearly half of those, 47%, involving a transport truck.

Constable Jay Denorer says he had a close call on Tuesday while at the scene of the crash.

"Two transport trucks are coming and they're in the passing lane. I hear a horn coming from one of the transport trucks warning the driver that there are people on the highway, there are vehicles on the highway. I ended up chasing the first truck driver down and when I was talking to him he said I didn't really see your lights. Our lights are visible from miles away."

Constable Denorer says speed and inattention are the two biggest factors for the crashes.

He says there are two main factors behind the construction zone crashes.

"Speed and inattention. There's no reason when you have a clear sunny day and you see an 80 km/h sign, slow down. All of a sudden you will have someone drive into the back of a vehicle in front of them. So there's the speed, the inattention and following too closely." 

Construction zones are currently set up on the 401, both east and westbound between Kent Bridge Road and Victoria Road.

Fines are doubled for speeding in a construction zone when workers are present.