Two Voting Options For Leamington Voters

There will be two voting methods in Leamington for the 2018 municipal election.

On Monday, council agreed to offer telephone and electronic voting.

Mayor John Paterson says in 2014, only online voting was offered.

He says residents wanted some changes.

"We heard the complaints or the wishes of the voting population and so we are adding telephone voting to our combination on how you can vote in 2018."

Paterson says the town will switch companies from 2014.

"The electronic voting was very successful, it was just a glitch the company ran into that held up the numbers being shared for way to many hours later but all in all it was a great experience for the voters themselves and for council members."

He says the voting method is a decent cost saving for the municipality.

"We're talking about close to $50,000 to do the electronic and phone in voting so it should be convenient, cost effective and very accurate."

The cost for both methods will be around $50,000.

Prior to online voting, Leamington had mail-in voting.