Two Weapons and 44 Rounds of Ammunition Seized In Vehicle: Trial

The crown has wrapped up its case in the trial of a Toronto man charged with weapons offences after a head-on crash on Highway 3.

Tariq Elamin, 28, is accused after police seized guns and ammunition in a Lexus involved in the crash on April 26, 2017.

OPP Identification officer Constable Paul Crilley testified two weapons were seized; a sawed-off shotgun and a 22-calibre rifle.

As well, 25 shotgun shells were in the bandolier or sash discovered around the driver of the vehicle along with 19 bullets in a magazine that fit in the rifle.

The rifle was found tucked in the pant leg of the passenger in the Lexus while the shotgun was found in a shoebox discovered under the driver's seat by the OPP's K9 Unit.

OPP Constable Milan Matovski of the K9 unit was called to the scene with his dog Maximus, who is trained to detect firearms and drugs.  Matovski testified the dog's behaviour changed when the dog went inside the vehicle.

Court heard the passenger in the Lexus was also wearing a pleather red and white partial face mask hanging down around his neck.

On Tuesday, a nursing student who tried to help the occupants of the Lexus, testified when she asked them where they were headed, the driver replied they were going to the University of Windsor to visit a friend.

The defence will present its case at a future date.  

Elamin's lawyer Pat Ducharme told the court he intends to call Elamin to the stand, along with a psychiatrist and possibly Elamin's father.