Undecided Voters Look For Answers

There are still some 'undecided's' in the audience, despite yesterday's mayoral debate in Windsor.

In a debate aired live on AM800, incumbent Drew Dilkens and challenger Matt Marchand squared off on a number of issues, including infrastructure, accountability and policing.

President Capital Assist Valuation, Federica Nazzani, says she hasn't fully made up her mind but believes a mayor needs to be on top of current needs and have a long-term vision for the community.

She sees the question of the opioid crisis, crime and homelessness as a point of difference between the two candidates.

"I think they are aligned in their intentions for wanting to see things get improved and resolved and certainly a path to improve these things," says Nazzani. "They have somewhat different objectives in terms of how to get there."


Capital Assist Valuation President Federica Nazzani (courtesy Capital Assist Valuation website)

President of the Unifor Windsor Regional Environment Council, Mark Bartlett told CTV Windsor he would have liked to have seen more discussion about sustainability.

"From an environmental standpoint but also sustainability and how we're going to deal with energy, air quality, water quality, all of those things that are so important," says Bartlett.

Tish Harcus, Manager at Canadian Club Whisky, told CTV Windsor she's been following the candidates closely.

"I kind of already knew who I was going to go for but, again, the questions were fantastic and they both answered them very well," she says.

Tom Hensel, Ernie Lamont and Frank Dyck are also running for mayor of Windsor but they were not invited to take part in the debate hosted by the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce.