Unifor Raising Awareness for Chartwell Employees

Unifor is launching an awareness campaign on behalf of the 80 unionized workers at Oak Park Terrace in Windsor and the Chartwell retirement home in LaSalle.

Local 2458 President Tullio diPonti says the workers have been without a contract for two years.


Unifor Local 2458 President Tullio diPonti, March 4, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

He says the employer does not want to increase pay for the staff.

"They're telling us that the minimum wage is where they should be, in fact, because of Wynn's increase in the minimum wage they state that the members that we have here should be frozen to the year 2020 before they get another raise"

diPonti says the workers are being pressured from all sides.

"We're at a crisis, so the issue is we're trying to say better working conditions, money is their main issue.  You can't be coming to work for 14 bucks an hour and have the ministry on your case, have the company on your case and family members on your case"

He says residents in the facilities are not getting the services they are paying for.

diPonti says the membership includes personal support workers, dietary staff, maintenance and several other categories.