Unifor Reaches Out To Get Back To The Table With Caesars

The first formal request to return to the bargaining table to end the Caesars Windsor strike has been made.

Unifor Local 444 President James Stewart says he first left a message with the VP of Human Resources and followed up with an email to top management.

Stewart says the next move is up to Caesars.

He believes it will be difficult to get to common ground.

"Hopefully when you say you want to get back to the table you're not also talking about cancelling future events but I think that's a signal from the casino they're entrenched in some of their positions and we know from talking to our members that they're entrenched as well"

Stewart says the membership has indicated they want respect from the company, but that's hard to bargain.

"We can bargain things in the collective agreement that force respect, so to speak, because there's a set of rules to follow that people can get their heads around and understand including the company.  I think part of our bargaining has to make sure that coming out of it the company's dedicated to resolving issues between collective agreements"  

Stewart says the bargaining committee finalized their updated proposal in a meeting this morning.

It's now up to management to respond and indicate a willingness to get to the table.

He adds there is a provincial conciliator involved, so it's not as simple as 2 sides meeting.

Stewart points out the Caesars side has its own complications because it's not just Caesars but also Windsor Casino Corporation and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation who have to agree to any deal.