Unifor Worried About Job Losses To Robots

A prediction that automation will see 40-percent of existing Canadian jobs disappear over the next 10 years has raised concerns at Unifor.

A report from the Canadian government says robots will continue to replace people on the shop floor.

Unifor Local 200 President Chris Taylor says that's already happening at an alarming rate and Canada needs to create strategies to manage innovation with job creation. "We have to find ways that we can create more manufacturing jobs by making sure that when we do the research and development on these new technologies we're at forefront of also building them. The research and development portion is also important but we want to be able to create those jobs."

"Technology will continue to evolve, so Canadians may as well be at the head of the race," says Taylor. "So I guess the issue we have got going forward, is firstly, the concern on just replacing jobs but, then secondly, is where do we find competent people to maintain and service this technology and that has not only been a concern from us but also the provincial and federal government."

The federal government's top economic advisor sees a growing number of jobs available in agriculture.

Dominic Barton is predicting a 50-percent increase in demand over the next 20 years.