Union Busting Efforts Concerning to Local Horse Association

The Ontario Harness Horse Association (OHHA) is crying foul.

It says a recent change in by-laws may require the 2,400 members in the OHHA, to become members of the Central Ontario Standardbred Association (COSA), which is a competing organization.

Local Executive Director of OHHA Mark Williams says it amounts to union-busting as OHHA members were not given any input in the change.

Without the association, Williams is afraid concerns will be silenced.

"They are absolutely going to stop our funding," he says. "You see back in the day, we had a voluntary, all the horsemen volunteered to .2% of the purse money, it is all horsemen's purse money."

Williams says likens the OHHA to the Unifor, saying "we are vocal about the wrongs or the rights in our opinions in racing here in Ontario and they don't want to hear any more of that and they want to quiet us so they say we won't send you any of the money and you guys will go broke and that will be the end of you guys."

OHHA claims the decision was made at the new Ontario Racing Board without any consultations.

Williams and Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain are going to Toronto later this week to raise the issue at Queen's Park.

13 dates have been approved for horse racing at Leamington Raceway.