Unique Situation in Chatham-Kent According to Weather Network Meteorologist

A meteorologist from the Weather Network has visited the flooded areas in Chatham-Kent.

Mark Robinson is a storm chaser and was in the area on Friday.

Robinson says the flooding and ice jam situation is unique for this time of the year as the thaw usually happens in March or April.

He says he has talked to area farmers and they're surprised with what they're seeing.

"This one is sort of unique for this area simply because they don't normally happen at this time of year," says Robinson.  "Normally they'll happen in March or April because that's when we get the melt."


Robinson feels residents and the municipality need to keep a close eye on the situation.

"The big issue that we now have is that we can then have all this ice jam up and freeze into place so if we do get closer to April, March if can do get a big melt that could be a huge problem because we'll have the major potential for flooding and if any of these dikes go in this area, you could be in for a disastrous situation for a lot of people," says Robinson.          

He says the temperature is playing a major factor.

"The up and down temperature cycles, you can get a freeze, thaw cycle and that's contributed to or likely one of the contributors to the break up of the ice on the rest of the watershed and they sort of move all the way down, down the river," says Robinson.


As heard on AM800 News on Friday, a State of Emergency was declared in Chatham-Kent after the failure of a Thames River dike in the Tilbury area.

Crews continue to repair the dike in West Kent.