University Food Bank In Need Of Donations

The shelves at the University of Windsor Student Food Bank are nearly bare.

Volunteers have had to give out almost all the donations that came in during the holidays.

Law student and volunteer, Angela Zhu has had to use the food bank herself,  and tells CTV Windsor,  she can't even fill a grocery bag for a student in need.

"Last week I had to send six different students home with a single roll of crackers and a can of soup or sometimes not even that much. We are low on food, the shelves are pretty bare right now, we are very low on vegetarian items," says Zhu

She credits Widsor with being a giving community, saying "I've volunteered for stuff before where you had to really bug people to do anything at all and I think there's a sense of sympathy and community in Windsor where they say 'students are hungry, lets do something about this.' "

There is a particular need for vegetarian items, such as vegetarian pasta sauce, peanut butter, canned tomatoes, and chickpeas.

The student food bank also accepts monetary donations that will go towards purchasing bulk food items.


— with files from CTV Windsor's Michelle Maluske