University Launches New Campaign Centred On Stress

The University of Windsor has launched a new campaign aimed at stress.

The Department of Human Resources is encouraging employees to "Take Charge of Stress." The campaign raises awareness of the physical and mental effects of stress ranging from high blood pressure to mood disorders as well as understanding stress and what to do about it.

Manager of Employee Engagement and Development at the Department of Human Resources Marcela Ciampa says the effects of stress go beyond mental health.

"It can really lead to increased blood pressure, blood sugar, cardio disease,muscle and joint pain," says Ciampa. "We don't spend time with people, we might be more concerned about keeping up with our online persona not taking time for ourselves so we wanted to highlight how much time we are spending being connected."

The campaign asks questions such as "Do you quickly grab your smartphone when it buzzes?  or "do you check your phone even if it has not beeped?"

Ciampa suggests methods of destressing include going for a walk, listening to music or reading a book.