University Of Windsor Ranked Among 'Canada's Rising Stars' For Universities

The University of Windsor has been named one of 'Canada's Rising Stars.'

Each year, "UniversityHub" publishes its Canadian University Rankings and among them are the five universities considered to be universities of the future.

It ranked the University of Windsor as number one.

Along with a growing enrollment, it found the University of Windsor is also growing in size and scope of programs.

It says the institution has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into new buildings, programs and research over the past year.

"It is approaching $300-million that has been spent to build this university but it is being done to position us for the long-term," says University President Dr. Alan Wildeman.

"As everybody knows over the last number of years, we have put a really big effort into trying to rebuild the campus, change the face of the campus for the betterment of our students and developing the campus in the downtown."

He says the ranking is a boost for morale on campus as within a short time of the publication, he was being contacted by people asking if he had seen the ranking.

Dr. Wildeman credits the community and city for embracing and supporting the university.

He says at the heart of it, the university needs to have programs that students want to take.