University Of Windsor Recognized For Its Beauty

The University of Windsor has been recognized for its beauty.

Best Choice Schools, an online resource for students, has ranked the University of Windsor 22 out of 30 Canadian universities for its aesthetics.

It points out the university is stuck between two very different lands, 'on one side is the American city of Detroit with its busy port of entry, while on the other side are the residential neighborhoods of Windsor.'

It says the majority of the buildings on campus offer a view of the Detroit skyline and Ambassador Bridge and yet there are some quieter spaces on campus too.

University spokesperson John Coleman says it is nice to hear from an outside view.

"When somebody recognizes what you're doing, what we've been trying to accomplish, it's great because I think everybody at the university has taken a great deal of pride in the transformation of the university," says Coleman.

University spokesman John Coleman says in the past 10 years the campus has grown and changed.

"We have a number of older buildings, Assumption Hall even looking at the Armouries downtown, which is an incredible learning space.  So we have that but we also have newer buildings."

In the past five years, the university has completed the Turtle Island Walk, the Alistair MacLeod Walk and the David A Wilson Commons area.

The prettiest university in Canada belongs to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.